Trading Strategies

Explore cutting edge trading strategies from the library or implement your own ideas.
Grow your personal trading strategy collection, consolidate ideas in a dashboard, and quickly select strategies to link directly into your trading plans.

Your trading strategy selection is the foundation of your trading business.
Trading strategies are the like the weapons you use to attack the market.
Each day a trader must choose the correct strategy for the market conditions and execute that strategy flawlessly.
That’s a lot to ask from a trader!
No wonder we make mistakes…
Simplify your trading with crystal clear strategy rules.

Leave nothing to chance, know exactly how and when you will execute and eliminate a lot of impulsive trading decisions.

Trading Strategy Library

Access a library of trading strategies or create your own. Effortlessly implement the tactics that suit your trading approach the best. New strategies to explore are added regularly.

Trading Strategy Rules

Define your strategy objective, filters, triggers, stop-loss criteria, and price targets. Add multiple screenshots to highlight valuable chart patterns.

Easily Reference Trade Examples

You can add multiple screenshots to visualise the play better.
Include a variety of trade outcomes, conditions and patterns. 

Achieve clear and confident trade execution