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Finding the right trading strategy can be overwhelming with so much content and noise.

Traders often struggle to identify which strategy fits their lifestyle and trading goals. This uncertainty can lead to inconsistent results and frustration.

At Trading Plan Pro, we solve this by offering a comprehensive library of done-for-you playbooks and strategies. Our curated vault sifts through the noise to provide categorised, easy-to-implement trading methods.

Whether you want a ready-made plan or prefer to create your own, our tools ensure you have a strategy that suits your needs, helping you trade confidently and effectively.

Key Features

How It Works

Pick A Playbook

Start by selecting a playbook from our extensive plan library tailored to various trading styles and goals. Or if you prefer, start your own from scratch.

Review The Trading Strategies

Choose from an ever-growing vault of trading strategies or create your own custom setup.

Add Trader Checklists

Forge strong discipline and build sound trading habits with the use of checklists and routines. Opt for a pre-made checklist or create your own.

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Track your Discipline

Track your discipline, build good habits and break bad . Improve month to month and build solid discipline.

Journal Your Thoughts

Reflect on your trading activities and thoughts in the notes section, aiding in continuous learning and improvement.

Ready to take control of your trading journey?

With our done-for-you playbooks and extensive strategy vault, you can transform your trading experience.

Choose a playbook, review tailored strategies, and utilise our tools to maintain discipline and track your progress.

Trading Plan Pro is the perfect companion for active traders, prop challenges and funded accounts.

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