Premium Trading Strategy & Plan Generation Software

Create A Trading Plan You'll Finally Stick To

Stick to your trading plan and trading rules. Discover new trading strategies.
Unlock confidence, clarity and consistency, eliminate overtrading.

How It Works

Step 1: Spin Up A New Trading Plan

Quickly and easily create your personal trading plan with our pre-defined trading plan templates or build your own plan from scratch.

Step 2: Select Your Trading Strategies

Choose from an ever-growing library of trading strategies or create your own custom setup.

Step 3: Add Checklists and Routines

Forge strong discipline and build sound trading habits with the use of checklists and routines. Opt for a pre-made checklist or create your own.

discipline tracker feature screenshot

Step 4: Track your Discipline

Track your discipline, build good habits and break bad ones. Improve month to month and build solid discipline.

Trading Plan Pro uses a modular approach to help you create a trading plan you’ll actually stick to.
Clearly define how you will operate, which trading strategies are in your playbook and how to stay disciplined in execution and trade management.
Build confidence and achieve clarity in your trading.